We are now able to offer a Canvas printing service, so you can hang your special images on the wall.
We can do Landscape, Portrait or Square.
Prices as follows:-
Please go by the longest length that you require.

x12” £14
x14” £15
x16” £17
x18” £19
x20” £23
x22” £25
x24” £27
x26” £29
x28” £31
x30” £33

For example 18”x20” use the 20” size price = £23
18”x24” use the 24” size price = £27.

You can now have your canvas varnished for an extra £4.50 to help protect it. Please add an extra couple of days for this service as the ink needs to dry for 24 hours before applying the first coat of varnish. Two coats of varnish will be applied then allowed to dry for a further 24 hours before being stretched onto the frame.

Varnishing the canvas gives extra protection from moisture, abrasion and adds to the the light-fastness of the print by adding saturation, improving the colour gamut & increasing the density of blacks.

To Order a Canvas Print or for more information, Please Contact Us via Email (contactus@orbitimaging.co.uk) or through Facebook or Twitter.